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About Pardeep

Meet Pardeep, a Canadian resident since 1983. His journey began as a driving instructor, owning a successful school that provided in-car and in-class training. Today, he channels that expertise into the insurance realm, specializing in non-standard business to cater uniquely to each client’s needs.

Pardeep, a family man with a supportive wife and two kids, is known for his positive attitude and people-centric approach. Beyond his professional endeavors, he’s an avid runner, completing numerous marathons. His personal best of 21 kilometers in two hours reflects his dedication and determination. Pardeep doesn’t just run races; he runs with purpose, tackling at least two half marathons annually.

In the realm of insurance, Pardeep stands out for his commitment to personalized service. Recognizing that everyone’s situation is distinct, he goes above and beyond to tailor solutions. Whether he’s helping clients protect their assets or cheering on fellow runners, Pardeep embodies a spirit of resilience, positivity, and unwavering dedication to making a meaningful impact.


Pardeep Sharma | SWITCH Insurance

Phone: 1 (416) 398-4322

1118A Wilson Ave, Suite 308, Toronto, ON M3M 1G7

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